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Diploma in Marketing 
If you are someone who is intrigued by the amazing world of branding, advertising and promotions and often ponder over how amazing advertisements are created or how some brands are larger than life. Then, let our Diploma in Marketing answers all your queries and build a firm foundation for your future marketing career!

Our Diploma in Marketing helps students develop critical insights into an organisation's marketing efforts by learning how marketing REALLY works. The course teaches the students to understand how companies can effectively position themselves to create the desired image in the minds of their target customers. Apart from the established principles of marketing, students will also receive training in emerging areas such as consumer behaviour, integrated marketing communications, brand management and new media marketing.

The Diploma in Marketing strives to build business leaders, entrepreneurs and professional marketers of the future. Talent enhancement programmes, university attachments, overseas exposure, student leadership opportunities as well as personal mentors are made available to develop each student to their full potential. As a result, our graduates are well rewarded, better prepared to face their future careers and tends to be in strong demand during all economic conditions.

Marketing's aims:
  • provide students with a comprehensive broad-based business education through carefully selected core business modules and an understanding of business process development and operation;
  • provide an adequate level of specialisation through careful selection and phasing of specialized modules in related marketing studies within the course;
  • enable total student development through a value-added education, training and other capabilities development including developing an entrepreneurial mindset;
  • train and develop students in a practice-oriented learning environment such as our unique Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP), industrial placement programmes and case study-based learning;
  • enable student to develop essential life-long skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving and analytical abilities, communication, interpersonal and IT skills; and
  • develop students with a regional and global mindset who can contribute productively in a borderless business world.

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